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Why I Choose to Be a Fee-Only, Retainer-Based Advisor

I've made a conscious decision to embrace a fee-only, retainer-based model. This choice is rooted in a firm belief in the benefits and value this approach brings to both my clients and myself.

Here's why I choose to be a fee-only, retainer-based advisor:

1. Commitment to Objectivity: As a fee-only advisor, I am liberated from the influence of commissions and product-based incentives. My unwavering commitment is to my clients' financial well-being, and this independence allows me to provide recommendations that are truly impartial and based solely on my clients’ best interests.

2. Transparency: Transparency in financial matters is paramount. By charging a clear and predictable retainer fee, I ensure that my clients always know what they are paying for my services. There are no hidden costs or financial surprises. This transparency fosters trust and open communication.

3. Shared Success: As a fee-only, retainer-based advisor, our interests are aligned for shared success. When I deliver value to my clients, they not only benefit financially, but have peace of mind and can focus their time on things that matter most to them. I am pleased to say that as of the date of this post, I have experienced ~99% renewal rate among Wealth Management Retainer clients since 2016.

4. Holistic Financial Planning: Life is multifaceted, and financial planning should be no different. I take a comprehensive approach, considering all aspects of my clients' financial lives. From retirement and estate planning to taxes and risk management, I ensure that every facet is addressed within their unique financial strategy.

5. Personalized Advice: I firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in finance. Each person’s financial journey is unique, and I embrace this by providing personalized guidance tailored to their specific goals and needs. Furthermore, I make myself readily accessible to my clients whenever they need assistance, advice, or simply a listening ear. I'm here to be their trusted partner on their financial journey.

Choosing to be a fee-only, retainer-based advisor is a conscious decision driven by a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to my clients' financial success. It's a choice that allows me to offer unbiased, comprehensive, and personalized guidance while maintaining complete transparency in costs. In this role, I find fulfillment in helping my clients achieve their financial goals and the satisfaction of knowing that their success is my success.

John Miller, CFP® of Longview Advisors provides comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services on a purely fee-only (fiduciary) basis. The company has offices in Wichita and Newton and serves clients throughout Kansas and the United States. Prospective clients can hire the company for wealth management services on an annual retainer, which includes ongoing investment management and financial planning. This includes tax and estate planning, portfolio analysis, retirement planning, and additional planning as needed. The firm also offers hourly financial planning.